Have an appraisal scheduled? Then take a few minutes to sit down and read our advice below…and then roll up your sleeves and get to work! (You’ll thank us later)


Put in some elbow grease.
While the Appraiser won’t be paying attention to the dust bunnies collecting behind your refrigerator, they will be looking for stains on the carpet and smudges on the walls. So, take time to spruce the place up.


Do your homework.
It always helps to be prepared. Research what homes in your area have recently sold for. And if you know of a neighbor who sold their house without the help of a Realtor, mention it to the appraiser.


Dust off your weed-whacker.
Curb appeal can affect your home’s value dramatically. Make sure your mow your lawn; clip your hedges, and remove your uncle’s broken down Camero from the front yard.


Location, Location, Location.
It still matters. If there have been recent improvements to your neighborhood, speak up. An improved park? Recently renovated building? Even a brand-new coffee shop around the corner. Tell your appraiser because this could help your home’s valuation.


Show it off.
If there’s a particular feature you love about your house, highlight it. If you have a great closet, open the door and let it shine.


De-clutter the clutter.
According to ABC News, a clean, clutter-free house can appraise up to 10% higher than the exact same messy house. So hide your salt & pepper shaker under your bed for a few hours.


Know the $500 rule.
Appraisers typically value a home in increments of $500. If there is a repair (or three) which needs to be made, it could knock down your property’s value.


Brag about your home updates.
In fact, go one step further and hand the Appraiser a list of all home upgrades you have made over the past few years. You’ll feel like a more organized version of Martha Stewart, and it could help your home’s valuation—and who wouldn’t want that?


Apply a fresh coat of paint.
Government Insured Loans, such as VA and FHA, will require any paint from before 1978 that is peeling to be replaced. It will most likely save you more money than you spend.


See what’s cookin’ in your kitchen.
If your kitchen is out of date, you should consider a make-over, because a kitchen can help you get the best value for your home. In fact, Investopedia reports that homeowners often recoup up to 83% of their investment