E-Signature & Electronic Disclosures Agreement

Read this agreement before registering. Consent to electronic transactions.

Please read this Agreement carefully before Registering for this Service

Online Account Creation (the “Service”) is provided by Community Banks of Colorado, a division of NBH Bank (“we,” “our,” and “us”). Access to the Service and use of the Service is subject to all applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations. Unauthorized use of the Service or information accessed via the Service is strictly prohibited.

Agreement to Conduct Transactions and Receive Disclosures by Electronic Means

By clicking in the boxes, you agree to conduct the transactions offered through, and the result of, this online application process by electronic means and consent to receive all legal and regulatory documents, disclosures, forms and other information related to such transactions electronically through a web-based electronic interface or email. You further agree that all transactions completed through this online process will result in valid and legally binding agreements. You also agree that you have adequate access to a computer with sufficient internet connectivity and accepted browsers to conduct these transactions online.

Right to Receive Paper Documents

You have the right to have the records that we are required to give you by statute, regulation or other rule of law provided or made available to you on paper.

Right to Withdraw Consent

You have the right to withdraw your consent to have the records provided or made available in an electronic format.

Consent Applicability

This E-Signature and Electronic Disclosures Agreement applies during the course of our relationship to all communications, documents, disclosures and electronic signatures related to the products, services and accounts offered or accessible online for all applicants, co-applicants and other individuals listed on any application or form including beneficiaries and authorized users, if applicable.

Notice of Change or Withdrawal of Consent

If you wish to modify your electronic contact information or withdraw your permission to do business with us electronically, please contact our Client Services and Solutions team at 877.877.0395.

Availability of Printed Copies

After Consenting If you consent to do business with us electronically, you may obtain printed copies of any of the agreements (including this agreement), disclosures or other related documents by signing into your account, downloading the documents and printing them from your computer or by calling our Client Services and Solutions team at 855.629.7618 and requesting printed copies at no charge.

Equipment and Access

In order to access and retain the electronic records, you must have access to a computer with a web browser having the following minimum browser requirements:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer version 9.0 or higher
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome

In addition, you must have Adobe’s free Acrobat Reader software version 6.0 or higher in order to view and save PDF formatted documents.

You understand that you are responsible for installation, maintenance and operation of your computer and its software. We are not responsible for any errors or failures to your computer or its software.

You should only use a computer in a location in which you are comfortable viewing your personal financial information. It is not recommended that you use a public computer because of an increased information security risks and the increased likelihood that your confidential information may be made available to others. It is your responsibility to carefully choose which computers you use to obtain access and to protect the confidentiality of the information you access.

Electronic Signatures

You understand and acknowledge that any electronic signatures that you provide through this online process are valid and enforceable as your legal signature. You understand and acknowledge that these electronic signatures will legally bind you to the terms and conditions contained in the related documents just as if you had physically signed the same documents with a pen.

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