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Andrew has been in the mortgage industry for 20 years. Previously, he was a captain in a Lear Jet for an overnight delivery company. As thrilling as certain aspects of that job were, ultimately he was looking for something a little more interesting and challenging. Flying under the tight constraints of delivery deadlines regardless of the challenges brought on by all kinds of weather, equipped me well to handle the pressures and demands of the mortgage industry. Financing is a critical part of any purchase transaction and certainly a very important part of the refinance process. Since the home is probably the largest liability a person will have in their life, proper management is key to minimizing the cost of home ownership. The same attention to detail that enabled Andrew to succeed as a pilot has also helped him to succeed as a mortgage banker. There are several parties involved in every transaction and everyone has a vested interest in the successful outcome of the deal. The ability to see obstacles before they become deal killers and find ways to overcome them are part of what helps him make the process as smooth as possible and ultimately have a happy outcome. Andrew has lived in Colorado Springs for the last 15 years and loves the community and business environment. Colorado is such a beautiful state with great weather overall and all four seasons to enjoy. Since he loves calling Colorado his home, he looks forward to helping as many people as possible to make Colorado their home!


Andrew was an excellent mortgage lender for us. He’s professional, always timely with his responses, and readily available when we needed pertinent questions answered. When you are buying a house it can be a high stress time with, seemingly, a legion of procedures and tasks to perform.. You really do desire someone who is consistent and conscientious working with you. Andrew proved to be all that and more and we were very pleased with the results of our collaboration with him and Community Banks. We highly recommend Andrew and his services to anyone looking for an excellent mortgage lender. In a world where it seems that fewer and fewer people actively apply themselves to their work related tasks, Andrew stands out as someone who does his due diligence and more. He ‘gets it’ and he will do the same for you and your family. We ‘ Very Highly Recommend’ his services!

-John S.

Andrew has made this process painless and worked hard to ensure that I was qualified and all paperwork was filled out for my mortgage loan. The team worked over and beyond the call of duty. Thank you Andrew.

-Shawn W.

Andrew is amazing. He went above and beyond to get us approved. Always 100% responsive. Made us feel like we had a really good friend on our side.

-Tammy M.

Andrew made the whole loan process very doable. He and his folks always kept me in the loop and able to anticipate and get milestones done in the most efficient way possible. Andrew is friendly, customer focused and completely professional.

-James F.

Andrew and Ann were amazing to work with. They went out of their way to make sure we were taken care of and received the best deal for our needs. I highly recommend Andrew Long for any of your refinance or other financial needs. Thank you Andrew.

-LeAnn V.

Great communication throughout the process. Andrew and Ann were very responsive and helped us with answers to our questions. This was the best refinancing we’ve ever done.

-Alan C.

This was the smoothest home purchase we have ever had. My wife and I have purchased about 8 or 9 homes between the two of us, and something always causes stress. Not this time though. Thanks for the help, we love the new home.

-Brian & Angie

The work that Andrew and his team did to make this dream a reality far exceeded expectations. There was never a moment when they said we can’t get this done. They were always on top of everything and made sure I was well informed about what I needed to do to ensure that they could get me the loan I needed. I could not have asked for a better group of professionals to go through this process with. Thank you for your hard work and dedication.

-Miguel R.

Andrew was very knowledgeable and accessible. He goes above and beyond in the way he handles difficult situations, and more importantly, presents options to the client without being asked or prompted.

-Realtor Brian M.

We wanted a VA loan. We had tried two other companies, but they just could not process a VA loan. They were all talk, but they did not know the VA process. We wasted a lot of time with these brokers. I finally called my CPA and she recommended Andrew. I live in Texas and Andrew is located in Colorado. So I called him and felt very comfortable with his knowledge of the VA process and we trusted him. He did not let us down. My loan was on a property going through probate. He made it happen and kept me informed through out process. He is a professional at doing his job. My realtor agrees. For anyone looking for someone to help them getting a home loan I would recommend Andrew. Don’t waste your time with amateurs.

-Floyd O.

Andrew and his team worked very quickly to get our VA loan processed and approved. We had an issue with our previous lender and Andrew took over everything to ensure we would still be able to close on our home at the scheduled time.

-Kendra H.

Thank you so much for your help in getting this process going so quickly and so efficiently. Your team is absolutely top notch and I appreciate how quickly we were able to get answers to questions and issues resolved. Thank you!

-Su C.

Andrew was able to provide different options for me and applying them to my situation and helping me figure out the best option to go with. Also looked for programs I qualified for in buying the house and overall great availability when I contacted him. Never had an issue trying to get a hold of him and always responded to my questions or request in a timely manner. Great person to work with for buying a home.

-Alba P.

I love this company. This is the third time I’ve purchased a property with Andrew Long. He’s attentive, detailed and knowledgeable. I’ll be using this company in the future for sure.

-Amanda M.

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