Community Banks of Colorado

Treasury Services

Our treasury management solutions give your small business the flexibility to keep pace with the demands of today’s marketplace. Simply put, everything works together to maximize funds, streamline cash flow and provide actionable data so you can focus on what matters most—your business.


Lockbox Servicing
Lockbox services assist to accelerate receivables and collections by reducing the delays related to float and mail processing, increasing cash flow opportunities through more efficient processes.

Remote and Mobile Check Deposit
Spend more time running your business than running to the bank. Without leaving your office, you can deposit checks into multiple accounts and reduce risk with faster check clearing.

Automatic Clearing House (ACH)
ACH is one of the fastest and most cost effective methods for moving funds electronically. ACH may be used for a variety of purposes such as direct deposit (payroll), direct debit and tax payments. Using ACH services allows your company to benefit in the following ways:

  • Improve cash flow and reduce payment delinquencies
  • Eliminate costs associated with handling and paper postage
  • Experience safe and secure processing, with dual approval and email alert options

Wire Transfer
Initiate same-date and/or future dated domestic and international wires quickly and conveniently from your office PC, approve your wires remotely from your mobile device and receive email notifications & alerts for your wire activity.

Merchant Card Processing
Whether you accept credit or debit cards, or offer electronic gift cards, we can provide you with leading-edge solutions. If you have an existing merchant account, we'll review your current rates and fees to ensure you receive the most competitive, cost-effective solutions available. Click here to learn more about Merchant Services.

Zero Balance
Zero balance accounts are ideal for a company that wants to maintain multiple disbursement accounts and also manage cash flow through a single primary account.


Business Online Banking
Manage your accounts and pay bills quickly and easily anytime, anywhere. Our secure Business Online Banking website allows you to:

  • View and print images of paid checks, statements and notices
  • Transfer funds between your business accounts
  • Issue stop payments on checks
  • Initiate payments: BillPay, ACH and wires and deposit checks with Remote Deposit Capture
  • View loan activity and make loan payments
  • Access numerous report options and formats
  • Manage alerts and approvals


Positive Pay
Positive pay is a service that not only helps prevent check altering and forgery, it also automates your account reconciliation process. That means you spend less time and money on reconciling accounts, and gain a streamlined approach to check storage and retrieval.

ACH Positive Pay
ACH Positive Pay lets you safeguard against fraudulent activity by filtering or blocking unauthorized electronic transactions. Any item that meets the criteria you establish will automatically post to your account.


Our common sense approach will allow you to manage your working capital cash daily by taking advantage of our investment sweep options. We work closely with you to develop and execute an effective investment plan, making your money work harder toward achieving your company goals.

For more information about solutions for your business, call Treasury Management Client Services at 877.539.4838.

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